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Say goodbye to the morning bread marathon! Thanks to our partnership with the legendary Bakery Katschner, we don't just offer a bread service, but a whole deluxe breakfast package!

Picture this: you open your door, and there they are – fresh, aromatic bread, handcrafted by the master bakers of bakery Katschner. But that's not all! You can also order delicious jams, ham, flavourful cheese, and creamy butter to go with them. A breakfast that not only satisfies your stomach but also warms your soul!

And the best part? Our passion for sustainability meets the philosophy of bakery Katschner's "Bread & More". Sustainability is our mantra, just like theirs. Together, we are unstoppable!

The secret lies in the perfect combination of pure craftsmanship and high-quality flours from local producers. The result? An unbeatable selection of freshness and quality that sweetens your start to the day.

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